In the Gallery:

Eve Hoyt: Neon Musings
June 16 - July 25, 2014

Experience this showcase of artist Eve Hoyt's work as it has evolved since she began experimenting with neon in 1989. Ranging from intricately crafted, sculptural neon tubes to whimsical compositions that combine neon with found objects, her work pushes the limits of traditional neon art.

Postcards of Philadelphia
May 19 - July 25, 2014

Since its founding, Philadelphia has had a tradition of fine architecture and well-designed public places. And since the 19th century, many of those buildings and places have been commemorated with the humble pictorial postcard. Now, to celebrate its own 10th anniversary and the great history of design in Philadelphia, the Design Advocacy Group (DAG) has gathered postcards of many of the sites in Philadelphia that it believes exemplify great architecture and urban design.


Vintage Neon
On loan from Davidson Neon and the Neon Museum of Philadelphia, www.davidsonneon.com
This luminous exhibition contains over a dozen historic neon signs, most from the golden era of neon, the 1930s through the 1950s. The collection includes dazzling local and national examples of this 20th Century art form, including a winking Buster Brown, running Greyhound Bus Line logo, and a local favorite - McGillin's Old Ale House. The exhibition unofficially continues on the streets of Philadelphia, where examples of Davidson Neon's work can be seen around town, including the newly restored signs at the Reading Terminal Market just a half block from the Center.
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3-D Model of Center City Philadelphia
Come view this miniature model of Center City Philadelphia which includes the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and City Hall, among other notable features.
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Iconic Philadelphia Architecture Photographs
These stunning images of iconic Philadelphia architecture were taken by Wyatt Gallery for the Center's publication "Philadelphia Architecture: A Guide to the City, 3rd Edition," which is available for purchase in the AIA Bookstore & Design Center.

Annual Exhibits:

Degrees of Design: Student Work from Local Architecture + Design Schools
Early Spring
Showcase exhibition for the winners of the Better Philadelphia Challenge (formerly the Ed Bacon Challenge). Founded in 2006 in memory of Philadelphia's iconic 20th century city planner, Ed Bacon [1910-2005], this annual competition challenges university-level students from around the world to address real-world urban design issues in Philadelphia that have application not only to our city, but to urban centers around the globe.

Our annual design challenge and food-bank benefit, CANstruction, on display at the rotunda at Liberty Place in the Spring. Part of a national competition, local architecture firms compete by building amazing sculptures out of donated cans of food. These impressive structures remain on display for a week before being dismantled to help fill the cupboards at area food banks. Every year, Philadelphia teams use nearly 65,000 cans of food in their creations before they are eaten.

Arts + Architecture
The Center's annual celebration of architects' creativity! ThOnis exhibition of fine art by architects highlights these designers' other artistic talents in painting, photography, sculpture, and more. Proceeds from the sale of these creative works support the Center for Architecture's educational programs throughout the year.

Constructing Play: Classic Building Toys
With over 50 toys on display from the past 175 years, "Constructing Play" explores the history of play and the pedagogical foundation that underlies the creation of building toys. Visitors to this exhibition will learn about their favorite toys, from Tinker Toys to LEGO, Erector Sets to K'Nex. They will also learn how structures stay up, discover famous local buildings in miniature, and see how toy designers took inspiration from the past to create today's most popular building toys. Visitors can also show off their building skills in our popular Hands-On carts... "Build it small, build it tall, build it all!"


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